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The Allen Conservatory of Dance

Established in 1995, The Allen Conservatory of Dance is dedicated to the preservation of classical ballet by sharing our passion for the art while giving our students the training they need to succeed in today’s profession. Dance promotes strength, coordination, discipline and self-esteem, useful attributes for children to adopt, whether they choose to dance professionally, or recreationally.

Dancer 3-6 Years Old

Introduction to Dance
Dancers 3-6 Years Old
Because every dancer starts somewhere…

Ballet Basics
Dancers 7-9 Years Old
Because every dancer needs a solid foundation…

Intermediate Technique and Introduction to Pointe
Dancers 10-13 Years Old
Because every dancer should have the tools to accomplish their goals…

Dancer 3-6 Years Old

Pre-Professional Program
Dancers Age 14+
Because every dancer should be ready to take the stage…

Dancers Ages 9+
Because every dancer wants to be versatile…

Allen Civic Ballet

Allen Civic Ballet
The Allen Conservatory of Dance is the official school of the Allen Civic Ballet.

Summer Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 5 to 7:30pm    |    By Appointment Please Call: 972-727-5959
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