“Hello Miss. Stefanie, I’m a senior in high school now and I’ve been looking back on my young life and seeing how I have grown up to the person I am today. I realized that I owe a lot of it to you. I loved your ballet lessons ever since I was three, and going was the highlight of my week for 10 years.  It’s not until now that I am older that I look back and I see everything you taught me. Miss. Stefanie, you didn’t just teach me ballet; you taught me how to grow up and how to be not just a girl, but a woman. You taught me how to take constructive criticism and to develop time management skills. You taught me how to always go out with a smile on my face; that I don’t always need someone complimenting me to know I’m doing something right. You taught me how to work hard for the things that I wanted and along with that, the value of hard work. You taught me how to praise my accomplishments and to learn from my faults. You gave me an inner drive for self-improvement to be the best I can be. You taught me how to be a brave and ambitious woman like yourself. I looked up and idolized you as a child, and I continue doing it to this day. You helped shape me into the person I am today and I never got the chance to thank you for all the years of life lessons you’ve given me. The work you do and the lessons you taught me are ones that I will cherish forever. I am proud and honored to have called you my teacher; you are and will always be one of my heroes. To have grown up with a woman in my life who is strong, independent, ambitious, honest, happy with her job, outspoken, graceful, and loving as a mentor is a privilege. I wish you all the happiness in the world. You deserve the very best in life. Thank you for everything.” -Sofia

“Norah has learned so much over her year at Allen Conservatory of Dance. She’s retained more knowledge this last year than over the past five years of dance at another studio. She loves her class, her Nutcracker experience and rehearsals, and looks forward to each week. I love that she’s learning to love ballet while also respecting the art and her teachers.” -A. Warren

“This is the absolute best place for classical ballet training. My daughters have been dancing here for over 10 years and they have loved every minute! The teachers truly invest in the dancers every day and the performances are top notch. The time and attention give by teachers to every detail of the dancer’s technique and artistry is rare. We are so grateful to have found a home at Allen Conservatory of Dance where our girls can learn and mature as dancers under impeccable teachers.” -Misty H.

“My daughters have been dancing at the Allen Conservatory of Dance for many years. The instruction they receive is phenomenal and the progress they have made is incredible! All of the teacher are extremely professional, kind, and highly experienced. Every performance has been exceptional! I would highly recommend this studio to anyone wanting quality classical ballet and modern instruction!” -Rachel

“The ballet program at the Allen Conservatory of Dance has been wonderful for my granddaughter. It has helped teach her to listen and proper body control. Miss Stefanie is wonderful.” -JKS

“Our daughter has been coming to ACD for 5 yrs now. She has grown so much with her skills, and loves ballet.” -Greg

“We love the ballet lessons. Miss Stefanie is a great teacher. Neala has learned so much in 18 months. We enjoyed all the ballet performances especially Nutcracker. What a special treat before Christmas!” -A. Paerson

“The teaching philosophy is focused on technique. Ballet Basics is a great way to get fundamental ballet training for other forms of dance or sports. The school curriculum in ballet (classes beyond the basics) lays a deep and strong foundation for a lifetime of dance. The teachers are masters of their crafts and possess the rare ability to describe the intricacies involved in developing the proper technique without overwhelming the students or leaving them disheartened.

I have also witnessed on numerous occasions that the teachers take notice of and care for the students as a person individually. For example, a teacher once spent a half-hour preparing a student for an interview by coaching that student on how to present himself confidentially and give a proper handshake.” -Marco G.

“My daughter has taken ballet at several studios in several states for the past 9 years. She has progressed more in the past 18 months at Allen Civic Ballet than any of her past studios. We are more than pleased with the teachers and their passion and dedication to teach their students great technique!” -A. Cook

“My children have been taking dance lessons with the Allen Conservatory of Dance for 14 years and my two oldest Have performed as Company members with Allen Civic Ballet. The attention to detail and technique the Conservatory teachers apply in each class, even if it means spending individual time with a single student, makes it worth every dollar. Their love for their students is obvious.  My children’s love for dance, classical music and history have grown over the years because of the teaching style Stefanie Best adheres to in her school. I cannot thank the staff enough for all their hard work. ” -J. Finch

“Ms. Stefanie and the other instructors have been so good with my children over the last 8 years they feels like family. My children are learning responsibility and commitment and love performing in The Nutcracker with the Allen Civic Ballet.” -J. Finch

“I love how the teacher runs her class — my 4-yr-old has fun, but I can see the progress!”

“My daughter loves her class and always wants to play ballet with me to show me her new moves!”

“My daughter has been dancing since 3, and we have been to some different studios until we found Allen Conservatory Dance. The teachers here are very caring and knowledgeable, the company kids are very close as a family. We are more than happy to be here as part of the dance family and will recommend all our friends to come her to dance!” -Connie C.

“Best ballet studio ever!” -Schaeffer Dean Enterprises

“Went to a casual Spring recital designed to showcase the entire company. Every performer was more than competent enough to represent their respective age group. Will definitely be attending the May showing of Swan Lake with niece in order to inspire her interest in ballet… she is going to need a physical outlet. Keep up the great work Allen Civic Ballet Company!” -Jason S.

“One of the best dance schools in Allen! The teachers are always ready to help and pay very close attention to their students! Great place to be from a young age until you’re older, since the company there is so good!” -Leonardo A.